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Plastic baler

The first step to processing plastic waste: press it into homogeneous and stackable bales. This can be done effortlessly with our plastic baler machines from BOA Recycling Systems. We are specialists when it comes to pressing plastic waste and plastic bottles at low operating costs. Our mission is to increase your profit and offer speed, optimal reliability and efficiency. And all at the right price. Experience it for yourself!


There is an ideal plastic baler for every situation

All our BOA plastic balers have their own uniqueness. Below are the highlights of each one:

D225 series
The D225 is known as the powerhouse for pressing plastic. This plastic baler machine produces homogeneous bales of optimal weight, which do not need cutting. The bale chamber is able to close completely, as it has pre-press flaps in the filling opening which close simultaneously. Handy to know: all the unique features of the D100/D130 series also feature in this D225 series.

D100/D130 series
Choose this plastic baler machine if you are looking for fully automatic processing of your plastic waste and plastic bottles. The pre-press flaps, automatic binding system and hydraulic counter press channel make it extremely efficient and effective in getting the job done. This is a machine that never gets blocked, as it has the added addition of a fallback mechanism and anti-blockage switch. This plastic baler can cleverly press itself ‘free’, so to speak.

M series

This hydraulic press is extremely reliable due to the cutter bar with exchangeable cutting blades in the top of the press chamber. This machine is ideal for pressing various types of plastics including plastic bottles. This plastic baler has different control options, which provide optimal press results. Feel assured that this machine will create heavy, well-shaped and stackable bales every time.

S series
If you are wondering where the cutting blades of the S series are located, then look under the robust V-shaped cutter bar in the press chamber and on top of the press ram. There is an increased distance between the cutting system and the final end position of the ram stroke. As a result, less material needs to be cut and extra force and speed can be applied to compress the material. Ensuring the best cutting performance and reducing wear, operating costs and energy consumption.

Choose the BOA Baseline if you are looking for a reliable and easy to use plastic baler machine. Why? Because it is not at all pretentious as this baler machine does exactly what it is made to do: straightforward baling! Producing evenly shaped bales at low operating costs.

Tip for advanced plastic baling: D and M series can be used with the flaps open. This achieves a speedier cycle time and means you can press materials in the same way as a cutting press.

Tailor-made advice to find the perfect plastic baler for you

The starting point of BOA Recycling Systems is always to offer the very best quality. Not only in machines and solutions for recycling and waste processing, but also by using our knowledge and experience to advise you on your situation. We have intricate knowledge of every plastic baler and know how to adapt it to each specific business process. Would you like to know which balers we have for sale? Please contact us for more information or free a no-obligation quote.


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