Baling Presses

Baling press constructed with vertical pre-press flaps, automatic binding system and hydraulically functioning counter press channel for a fully automatic production of bales.

Oil tank capacity

2250 Liter

Press weight approx.

43 - 50 ton

Average working cycle time

min 20 sec

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      The vertical pre-press flaps in the filling opening of the press close simultaneously, which results in a closed press channel. Consequently, optimal heavy homogeneous bales are produced without making cutting necessary. The flaps have been built in such a way that occurring forces can be well absorbed. The front flap is smaller in relation to the distribution of forces and is equipped with a toothing so that material between the flaps can be cut. The rear flap is equipped with a fallback mechanism and an anti-blockage switch, which minimizes interventions. Because of this, materials that are difficult to press can be processed as well.

      The baler is extremely suitable to handle paper, cardboard, and varied material, various plastics and other recyclables. The press ram has a toothing as well, which especially facilitates the treatment of very expansive materials. If constructed with a “Refuse” ram the baler is also capable of pressing domestic waste, wood, straw, hay and textiles. Moreover, several control possibilities provide optimal press results with heavy, well-shaped and stackable bales.

      Standard features:

      • Bottomplate in Hardox quality
      • Main cylinder with electronic track measuring for optimal switching times.
      • Cardanic suspension of main cylinder.
      • Electric control with Siemens PLC, S7-1500-series with extensive possibilities, such as the setting of 64 different material types. A larger coloured touch screen will be delivered to this special PLC.
      • Modem connection for distant service. Our service department (electric specialist) can login to the control, so that possible problems can be analysed directly realizing better and quicker service.
      • Special safety switches (Secu-lock).
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