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Recycling cardboard is essential in today’s society. Having the right equipment is a must. This is where we come in. At BOA Recycling Systems, we have years of know-how and experience in this field. Our shredders have the ability to recycle any type of cardboard.

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      BOA offers you different types of industrial machines, each with their own strengths and benefits. Choose from the following recycling presses to press any type of cardboard:

      D225 series
      It is not without reason that we call this the powerhouse of BOA. It produces homogeneous bales of material with optimal weight with no cutting required. The press chamber can close completely, as the pre-press flaps in the filling opening close simultaneously. Read more about the specifications of the D100/D130 series as these also applies to this D225 series.

      D100/D130 series
      Do you need a machine that is fully automatic? Then choose a machine from our D100/D130 series. Highlights include pre-press flaps, an automatic binding system and a hydraulic counter press channel. Thanks to the rear flap equipped with a fallback mechanism and an anti-blockage switch, no blockage can occur. This machine presses itself ‘free’.

      M series
      Does your ideal baler need one pre-press flap with exchangeable cutting blades in the top of the press chamber? Then our M series is the right choice. This machine offers different control options, which provide optimal press results. Producing heavy, well-shaped and stackable bales.

      S series
      Our S series balers have cutting blades located under the robust V-shaped cutter bar in the press chamber and on top of the press ram. They cut the material first which means more force and speed can be applied to compress the material. And it has the best cutting performance!

      Simple and above all reliable is our Baseline machine. This baling machine is very easy to operate and works at low operational costs. Basically, it just does exactly what it needs to do.

      Continette II
      Built for years of use: that is the Continette II. A proven workhorse for a continuous use at low operational costs.

      Expert advice about all our machines

      All machines that are designed and manufactured by BOA Recycling Systems offer the highest quality of recycling and waste processing. We are ready to share our knowledge and experience with you and offer advice on which machine best fits your situation. Let’s optimize your cardboard recycling together. Please contact us for more information or a free no-obligation quote. Top tip from BOA: D and M series can be used with the flaps open. This achieves a faster cycle time and enables you to press materials in the same way as a cutting press.

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