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Are you a recycling company looking for a sturdy and robust machine which is highly effective at opening bags of plastic? Then look no further. We have exactly what you need at BOA Recycling Systems. Our automatic bag opener machine is one of the best in the business. Designed with simplicity and efficiency in mind.

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      Unique features of our automatic bag opener machine:

      • Sturdy and wear-resistant hammers
      • Shock-free drive
      • Easy maintenance with hydraulic front opening
      • Not sensitive to disruptive materials
      • The drum and drive can easily be completely dismantled
      • Option to use as bale breaker
      • Tailored to your specific wishes

      When it comes to opening bags of plastic, it is about precision, speed and efficiency. All these elements are found in our BOA bag opener machine.

      How does our plastic bag opener machine work?

      Our automatic bag opener machine can be fed from a conveyor belt, grabber or shovel with bags. The bags fall onto a drum fitted with hammers. The slowly revolving drum takes the material along an adjustable comb which is also fitted with sturdy hammers. The space between the comb and the drum can be easily adjusted by means of spindles which makes it easy to process several types of material: large bags, small bags, bales of paper or plastic material etc. After opening the bags, the material will fall from the bottom of the machine onto a conveyor or into a chute.

      A bag opener machine with clever controls

      The BOA bag opener drum is driven directly by a transmission, which absorbs overload. The RPM’s and capacity can be easily set by means of a frequency control. As soon as the machine detects an overload, the infeed of bags is immediately stopped and the drum will turn in the opposite direction for a short period of time. The bag opener machine also has an adjustable cleaning mechanism, which prevents any material wrapping around the drum.

      Tailor-made advice from our experts

      We are always keen to offer tailor-made advice and make sure you get the right machine for your waste process.  Benefit from our many years of experience and know-how. We would love to help find exactly what you are looking for and add on options to work for your situation.

      Please contact us for a free quotation

      BOA Recycling Systems designs and supplies high-quality machines and solutions for all recycling and waste processing. Our bag opener machine is ideal for opening plastic bags quickly and efficiently. Would you like more advice from our experts? Please contact us for more information or a free no-obligation quote.

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