The all-rounder among the presses

18 September 2020

During my 1st visit to BOA in mid-2019, I was immediately impressed by the craftsmanship and involvement that is present at BOA; an M75 Ecoline was  ready for transport, a beauty of a machine! The recycling industry is fairly new to me, but the type of Company and the type of Customers and culture fit in seamlessly with my extensive International experience within the industry for drying solutions for minerals and food.

The large install base that BOA has been able to build up in the past decades gives much confidence to the future.  BOA has a rich history and I hope to add a nice chapter to it together with all employees / agents at home and abroad. We mainly supply Presses, Reelsplitters and Conveyor Belts and consciously choose to keep the focus on this select product range. We do this so that we can distinguish ourselves in quality and flexibility in customer solutions for these product groups and thereby convince customers of the added value.  from a BOA, ‘the all-rounder among the presses’, according to a number of clients in the Netherlands and abroad whom I have since been able to speak to.

In the year 2020 it is more and more about the total cost of ownership and not just about the initial investment. Together with Quadrum, we are therefore working on various ideas to bind customers to us, such as lease and pay per tonne constructions. Together with Quadrum, investments will again be made in people and resources and BOA will move to a location that is better suited to our current product range by 2021 at the latest.  Despite challenges in the paper industry, the global recycling industry is booming and flourishing like never before and with its rich history and knowledge, BOA is certainly at home there.

Erwin Boschman | Managing Director

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