Customer feedback: AWF Thiersheim Duitsland

1 September 2020

The main reason for choosing a new baler was that only a baler with a pre-press flap was of interest to the company: Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Fichtelgebirge GmbH & Co. KG. This allowed us to preselect the press manufacturers on the market in advance. Preliminary discussions with the manufacturers concerned, in particular the field of technical and energetic optimization of  press types, provided us with information on the very high level of competence at BOA Recycling Systems. BOA also stressed the possibility of visiting presses outside Germany in three-shift, and discussing them in an open dialogue with operators. The discussions that were held, confirmed the high reliability of the BOA presses. Moreover, the requirement that a new press must comply with all the necessary safety standards was fully presented and ultimately realised.

We were particularly impressed by the new development of the binding system which allows us to remedy a failure in this area in a short period of time or to implement remedial measures. The weight of the machine alone, which is significantly higher than that of the other suppliers, shows that thick-walled steel is used. In addition, the press channel is coated with very hard-wearing steel. At the same time, the energetic terms of use with the requirement for maximum energy savings in similar performance parameters of our old press are convincingly illustrated.

Another decisive factor in the decision to opt for BOA was the personal relationship of our contacts within BOA, who had been providing us with their convincing competencies, expertise and limitless reliability with our old press for more than two decades.  

Jürgen Prunz | Technische Bedrijfsleider

AWF Abfallwirtschaftsgesellschaft Thiersheim Duitsland

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